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Residence Inn Marriott Hotel.2 HIGH END CUSTOMIZED FURNITURE Production in the factory is strictly followed as “5 star” standards to ensure the efficient operation of the production as per specifications of ISO14001 environmental certification standards and ISO9001 quality system to ensure product quality and meet the requirements. In IHOME, every piece of wood has been 28 rigorous processes, only...

Light Pole

aluminum-light-pole-M-LF SPECIFICATION OF ALUMINUM LIGHT POLE: Height: 6~12m Butt Diameter : ∅183×4.1mm / ∅210×5.0mm Material: Aluminium 6063 Finish: 1. Anodised or keep primitive colours (polishing or brush) 2. Powder coating 3. Spray-paint Advantages of aluminium poles: 1.Corrosion resistant 2.Maintenance free 3.Lighter weight for easy and cost efficient installation 4.various finishing 5.longer life than steel and Fiberglass 6.100% recyclable, aluminium melting temperature is low to save energy and reduce emission buried applications 8.less deflection than fiberglass poles. For more info, please visit our metal division at: RELATED PROJECTS


SMART-LED-LIGHTING-SYSTEM LED application for landmark buildings are popular. However, failure projects are every where under conventional operation of LED project, because no one (neither designer, supplier nor contractor) is able to guarantee the success of the result. While lighting companies are selling LED lights & control, clients are expecting beautiful lighting effect as result. There is...


STAINLESS-STEEL-HANDRAIL-SY AISI 304 /316 Grade The most widely used stainless steel with the best all round performance. Its carbon content is lower and its corrosion resistance after welding is higher than some other grades. It is less susceptible to intergranular corrosion after welding. It is non magnetic, but becomes slightly magnetic when cold worked. For more...


RAISED-FLOOR-SYSTEM Characterisitcs Prevent static valily;flame retardant,dustproof,antiskid,antirust, antisoil,resistance to chemical attach; Imported glue, strong wearability,non bubble,non-degumming; painted steel body to prevent static,soft light,wearproof, antistatic; High dimensional precision,super strength loading,pressurization; Fix conveniently, assembly agility,bottom space could be used for air conditioning. For more info, please visit our raised floor division at: RELATED PROJECTS