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IHOME, founded in year of 2000 in Hong Kong, with more than 10 years of experiences in the lighting industry, furniture, raised floor. This business focus is in research, design, manufacture, installation and after services of lighting, furniture, raised floor, metal product.

The main goal of the company is to provide efficient solution both for indoor (retail, office building, hospitals, shopping centers, etc) and outdoor (public area, residential areas, facades, etc).

Currently, the company is made up of 30 highly experienced and disciplined professionals with extensive experiences in developing above products with high quality, energy efficiency and functionality.

  • panasonic panasonic
  • laser-cutting-machine laser-cutting-machine
  • The Aluminum Stick Extrusion The Aluminum Stick Extrusion
  • IHOME factory IHOME factory
  • handrail-workshop handrail-workshop
  • The Linear Cutting Machine The Linear Cutting Machine
  • Sand Blasting Machine Sand Blasting Machine
  • Quench Furnace Quench Furnace
  • Aluminum Tapered Poles Aluminum Tapered Poles
  • 13m Long Anodized Production Line 13m Long Anodized Production Line